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herbal bath salts


a protective powerhouse of plants to cleanse, clear, and shield energy-epsom salt, black himalayan salt, all local herbs; rue, sweet fern, white sage, yarrow, hyssop, catmint, lavender.

cleanse & clear


surrender to the stillness, soak sore muscles, warm the body, and stimulate the spirit. epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, sea salt, spearmint, st. john's wort, local herbs; african blue basil, pineapple sage, comfrey leaf, marigold, mexican sunflower petals.

soothing surrender


Drop into a deep state of relaxation, work with the phases of the moon, and enhance your intuition and dreams with this blend. epsom salt, sea salt, blue lotus, local herbs; mugwort, tulsi, bergamot, pink rose buds, yarrow, blue vervain, chrysanthemum feverfew.

moon magic


ease tension, soothe sore muscles, uplift the heart and cultivate peace and harmony with this blend. epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, rose, lavender, chamomile, locally grown; calendula, red clover.

peace & harmony